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Options for Release After Arrest

After an arrest, you’ll have a couple of release options: own recognizance (OR) or held on bail.

If released on your own recognizance, you’re promising to return on all dates set by the court. OR is the default in many California counties unless you’re a flight risk or danger to the public.

If you’re not released on your own recognizance, you might be held on bail. In this case, you’re held in custody unless you can post the bail amount set by the court.

You might be held without bail if the court thinks you’re a serious risk to public safety (for instance, you committed a violent crime). If held without bail, you’ll have to stay in custody until your trial.


Is Bail Expensive?

That depends on the crime you (allegedly) committed. San Benito County has a complete bail schedule that you can refer to for exact costs if you’re curious. However, there’s a bit of a “gotcha” to keep in mind. No matter what the bail schedule says, a judge can charge more if you’re a flight risk or you have a criminal record.


What Do You Need To Post Bail?

To post bail, a criminal defendant needs:

  • Proof of residency
  • Income verification
  • A driver’s license or other government-issued ID
  • Cash or another payment method


Options for Posting Bail

In our state, you have three options for posting bail: cash bail, a property bond, or a bail bond.

Cash Bail

With this option, you (or someone else on your behalf) must pay the full bail amount in cash. If you appear at all court proceedings as promised, the bail amount is returned (minus administrative costs).

Posting cash bail is the easiest option, but if your bail amount is high, it may not be feasible for you.

Property Bond

A property bond might be an option if you have real estate to use as collateral. To use property as bail, you usually need to have enough equity in it. Your equity must be at least equal to the bail amount.

If you go this route, the court places a lien on your property. If you don’t appear for court dates, the court can foreclose the property.

Bail Bond

Bail bonds in Hollister, CA, are the most common way to post bail. With this method, a bail bondsman agrees to pay the full bail amount if you don’t appear in court. You’ll pay a fee to the bondsman in exchange (California caps the fee at 10% of the bail amount).

If you don’t appear in court, the bondsman (or a bail bounty hunter) will go after you for the full amount.


What You Must Do After Posting Bail

After posting bail, the number-one thing you must do is show up for court appearances. This includes all pre-trial hearings, arrangements, and jury trials.

You’ll also have to check in with your bail bond company, usually once every week or month. If you miss the check-in, you might have to undergo increased monitoring.


Reclaim Your Freedom Now

There’s no need to stay in custody when you’ve got Eight Ball Bail Bonds on your side. To learn more about bail bonds in Hollister, CA, or other areas we servecontact us today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get bail money back if charges are dropped?

The bail bond company will typically return your money if the prosecution drops the charges. However, the company might keep a portion of the money to cover fines and court fees.

What happens if you skip bail?

If you skip bail (also called bail jumping), you might be fined, and the judge could throw you back into jail. If you want to keep your freedom, don’t skip bail!

How much do bail bonds cost in CA?

Bail bonds in Hollister, CA, typically cost 10% of the bail amount (the maximum amount allowed by law).

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