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What You Need To Post Bail 

After being charged with a crime, the judge will set the bail amount and any other conditions for your release from jail. Bail is money you give to the court and can gain back when you successfully show up for all court dates. 

To post bail in Redwood City, you need:

  • Proof of residency
  • Verification of income
  • A government-issued ID
  • Cash or another payment method

But if you can’t come up with your bail amount in cash, consider bail bonds in Redwood City, CA. A bail bond can get you out of jail while you wait for your trial. 

At Eight Ball Bail Bonds, we make the process of posting bail with a bail bond stress-free. We understand that mistakes happen, but we treat all criminal defendants with respect and dignity. 

What Is a Bail Bond in Redwood City, CA? 

A bail bond is essentially a loan that you can use to post bail in a criminal case. When you secure a bail bond from Eight Ball Bail Bonds, we will post bail on your behalf. You’ll pay a small fee, capped at 10% of the bail amount, in exchange. 

By obtaining a bail bond, you agree to appear at all court dates and follow the requirements set for your bail. If you don’t, our bondsman or bail bounty hunter will go after you for the full amount of the bail. 

The average bail amount set by the court in California is $50,000, which is much greater than the average person can reasonably pay. If you or a loved one cannot afford bail, our bail bond company can lighten the load for you and help you reclaim your freedom while you await trial. 

The Bail Bond Application Process

If you’re interested in securing a bail bond in Redwood City, CA, to cover bail for yourself or a loved one, reach out to us directly for assistance. We’re available 24/7 to hear your request. 

We’ll walk you through the steps to secure a bail bond through our company. The main step is to complete our bail bond application with information about yourself or the defendant you are applying on behalf of. You’ll also need the booking information and information about the defendant’s family. 

We will thoroughly explain our bail bond agreement so you know exactly what you are agreeing to. We understand that many of our clients have no experience with bail bonds or even the court system in general. We’ll explain the bail bond process in simple terms and provide as much information as you need to feel confident in your bail bond request. 

What To Do After Posting Bail 

After posting bail with the help of our bail bonds in Redwood City, CA, you must follow all of the bail terms set by the court. These terms may include showing up for pre-trial hearings, arrangements, and jury trials, along with other conditions like:

  • Not traveling outside of a set radius
  • Continuing employment
  • Checking in with a bail agent regularly
  • Attending court-mandated classes or treatments

If you miss even one court date, our bail bond company could come after you for the full bail amount. 

Seek Bail Bonds in Redwood City, CA 

At Eight Ball Bail Bonds, we have developed a reputation for showing compassion and understanding. If you or your loved one needs to post bail, you may be facing one of the most stressful times in your life. Applying for a bail bond doesn’t need to add to your stress. 

Contact us today at (831) 464-2245 to apply for a bail bond in Redwood City, CA, or one of the other areas we serve

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to a bail bond if your charges are dropped? 

If your charges are dropped, your bail bond company will likely return your money after taking out any court fees or fines. 

How long do you stay in jail if you can’t make bail in California?

If you can’t make bail in California, you will likely stay in jail until your court hearing. If the judge deems you a flight risk, you may not be eligible for bail.

How much does a bail bondsman charge in California? 

A bail bondsman can charge up to 10% of the bail amount for bail bonds in Redwood City, CA. 

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