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The Best Choice for Bail Bonds in Santa Cruz, CA.

The Best Choice for Bail Bonds in Santa Cruz, CA

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santa cruz bail bonds - Santa Cruz, CA Eight Ball Bail BondsGetting arrested isn’t something that a person would want to experience in their lifetime, but it does happen — and it can happen to you or to someone you know.

In the state of California, an individual arrested for a crime will be taken to a local county jail station for booking.

Afterwards, the said individual (the defendant) is faced with various options in terms of their release, pending the conclusion of their particular case.

One of the best options you could consider is a bail bond. We at Eight Ball Bail Bonds offer the best, easiest bail bonds in Santa Cruz, CA, and we draw from 50 years of experience to guide you through every step of the process — for your peace of mind.

What is a bail bond?

Also known as a surety bail bond, it is a written promise signed by the criminal defendant (our client) and a bail bond agent or bondsman (us). This document ensures that the defendant will appear in court at the court’s scheduled time and date. The court will also set the bail amount.

Our team at Eight Ball Bail Bonds will take care of paying the bail amount so the defendant can be released while awaiting trial on criminal charges. The contract guarantees to the court that we will pay the bond forfeiture if the defendant fails to make the required court appearances.

For this service, the defendant is charged a percentage (typically 10%) of the bail amount and may be required to provide collateral (items of value such as properties, cars, credit cards, jewelry, boats, electronic equipment, and the like).

Surety bail bonds are convenient and reliable alternatives to cash bail bonds (wherein the defendant must provide the jail or court with the full amount of the bail bond in cash).

Why choose Santa Cruz Bail Bonds?

Santa Cruz Bail Bonds - Santa Cruz, California Eight Ball Bail BondsEight Ball Bail Bonds has built a name as a trusted provider of Santa Cruz bail bonds for the following reasons:

  • We provide immediate valuable assistance. When someone you know is in jail, time is of the essence; you need immediate answers to pressing questions (What happens next? What can we do? What options do we have? Who should we talk to?). Our bail bond agents are always on standby and can be personally reached whenever the need arises to provide immediate guidance throughout the process.
  • We have extensive knowledge of local jail procedures and other relevant information. The average individual would have limited knowledge in this field. We, however, have made it our business to study local jails and to build relationships with correctional staff, putting us in the best position to provide relevant and timely advice.
  • We treat our clients with utmost respect. Criminal defendants and their families and friends often feel vulnerable and unsure about the best steps to take in these situations. When you work with Eight Ball Bail Bonds, you can be assured of complete respect and our commitment to secure your trust — especially since one doesn’t have to be a criminal to get arrested.

Eight Ball Bail Bond agents go above and beyond merely posting bail. Get in touch with us at any time (we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week) and discover why we are the best choice for bail bonds in Santa Cruz.

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