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Los-Banos-Bail-Bonds-300x200For the accused to avoid jail time after arrest, he has the option to post bail bonds Los Banos — well, that is if the court decides that his case will not be affected by him being released from detention. There are some really complex cases wherein bail is not an option, especially if the accused is a flight risk or can be a threat to society. If such is not the case, though, the accused can pay the amount set by the court and leave with the promise that he will be present in all scheduled appearances for the trial.

The Part Collateral Plays In Getting The Defendant Out Of Jail

Now, if the accused does not have the money for bail, he still has another option, which is a bail bond. This would require the services of a bail bondsman who will act as a surety and pledge money or property. The job of a bail bondsman is not easy; should the accused/defendant fail to honor his end of the agreement, which is to appear in court during the course of the trial, the bail bondsman holds the responsibility of arresting and surrendering the accused to the authorities or paying the sum of the posted bond on the defendant’s behalf.

Needless to say, the risks are very high. That is why some bail bonds companies require their clients (the defendants or accused) to put up collateral.

So what is bail bond collateral?

client-signature-Los-Banos-Bail-Bonds-300x200Basically, it can be considered as a form of credit to pledge that the defendant will show up in court. There are different types of collateral that can be used; some of them are land lien, home, real estate, bank account balance, car, jewelry, and other items that can be pawned.

When it comes to using collateral in securing the services of a bail bondsman, the question most people have is Is it required all the time? According to a Los Banos bail bonds company, that is not the case. Typically, all they require is the signature of the “client,” usually a family member of the defendant, or the lawyer. After getting that signature from a credible individual, they get to their job right away and bail out the defendant.

Collateral is usually only required if the case is quite complicated, or if there could be some issues with the defendant regarding his ability to uphold what the court imposed, but as mentioned earlier, it is not a “regular” requirement.

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