Post Bail – Heinous crimes happen every second of every day. This does not only occur in one part of the world, but in almost all countries, simultaneously. As such, many people get arrested daily for various types of crime, although some may be merely accused but not actually guilty of committing the crime.

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“Either way, these individuals are apprehended and are sent to jail until the court can prove that they are innocent.”

Until all trials are done, suspects stay in jail — unless they post bail, which is the process of getting a suspect out of jail by paying the bail amount.

A bail bond, on the other hand, is a type of legal guarantee that enables the suspects to turn over a certain amount of money, property, or asset to the court in order to compel them to attend all hearings.

The value of a bail bond and post bail depends on several different factors, such as:

  • The degree or type of crime the suspect has allegedly committed
  • The suspect’s criminal records
  • The probability of the suspect appearing in the court hearings
  • The suspect’s relationship to the particular community where the legal proceedings will occur and where the crime has been made
  • The suspect’s ties to his or her relatives
  • The suspect’s risk or threat to the community

If the suspect has been proven to be free of all accused charges, the bail bond will be reinstated to him or her. However, if they are verified to be accountable to the allegations, a percentage (if not all) of the items included in the signed document will no longer be retrieved.

There is another important element in the process of posting bail that requires full understanding: the role of a bail bonds agent. Often called a bailer, bail agent, or bail bondsman, a bail bonds agent is responsible for providing bail bonds and post bail for defendants or suspects with the hopes of profiting from them as the court trials end.

As the accused spends time in jail after being arrested, a family member or friend from outside could contact a bail bonds agent to arrange a bail on their behalf. As payment for their services, bail bond agents get 10 to 20 percent of the defendant’s bail bond — regardless of whether they plead guilty or not. If the accused fails to attend a trial, for instance, the bail bond will be forfeited by the court and the bail bond agent will have the right to arrest the suspect.

The benefits of having a bail bond agent include reduced hassle in preparing the documents for one’s bail and the cost efficiency of risking only a percentage of the bail bond rather than the whole bond itself.

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