Holiday Crime Prevention Tips To Not Get Ripped Off

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Blogs

Christmas is just around the corner, and so are burglars!

Don’t let your guard down, especially on the holiday season because it’s when they will most likely attack. We tend to be too busy and vulnerable while we prepare for our celebrations. Holiday crime statistics usually spike up in December, that is why you should not only protect your home but yourself and your family as well.

These holiday crime prevention tips will ensure your safety for a prosperous Christmas!

Going out for the day and vacation

When going on a vacation, make it seem like someone is at home. If you’re going out of town during the season, have a light timer inside or ask someone in the neighborhood to pick up the newspaper for you or any package that is going to arrive during the duration you are away or just make the deliveries stop. You can ask them to park their car in your space when they have the time. This method will shy away from the burglars and will more likely skip a house that is occupied by a resident at the time. This also applies on when you’re going out during the day or evening, have a light and radio turned on to pretend someone’s home.

Door Lock and Careful On Your Visitors

Make sure your home is locked and gift display are not seen through the door and windows. This will attract more burglars to try and break into your home. Also, whenever you have someone at door, be mindful of deliveries because burglars can pose as couriers to have an idea around your home. Furthermore, there may be burglars who would try to scam you for your generosity. Be mindful of your visitors as they may pose a threat to you once they get access inside your home.

Dispose Of Your Newly Bought Items Properly

Bought a new TV set? How about the boxes of these new items? These are like advertisements targeting burglars to enter your home. Remember, these boxes imply that they will surely have something to steal within your home.

Invest On Smart Gadgets

It’s not smartphones this time, but you can invest in CCTV and sensors to equip your home. You can connect your CCTV to your smartphones for you to have access to the activities within your home and ensure it’s safe and sound when you get home.

Enjoy a merry holiday without worrying about losing a bunch! Be extra careful this Christmas.

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