Defendants have plenty of options when they encounter legal issues. However, the first priority is usually the simplest:

Getting out of jail.

A bail bondsman in Sacramento can help defendants do just that – but how much do they charge? Although it’s always more affordable than paying bail, bond fees can still be significant for the average Sacramento resident.

Here’s the good news:

Sacramento bail bonds financing is available. Even if a defendant doesn’t have enough to pay a bail bondsman in their bank account, they can take advantage of various financing options to get out of the Sacramento County Jail as quickly as possible.

What kind of bail bond financing options are available in Sacramento?

Why Do I Need Financing for Sacramento Bail Bonds?

bail bond financing options in Sacramento

First of all, it’s important to understand that the underlying system of bail bonds is itself a form of financing. At his core, a bail bondsman in Sacramento helps those who cannot afford to pay bail. The only requirement for the defendant (or their friends/family) is to pay a percentage of the total bail, and this is much more affordable than trying to scrape together the entire sum.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of financing is “the act or process or instance of raising or providing funds.” A straightforward bail bondsman service certainly falls into this category (especially the last part).

In some cases, however, the defendant cannot pay even a percentage of the total bail. Also known as the “premium,” this fee is typically non-refundable – and it is usually around 10 percent. What happens if the defendant can not afford to pay their total bail or a percentage of that bail to a bail bondsman?

In this situation, the defendant may need to explore options for Sacramento bail bonds financing.

Options For Easy Bail Financing in Sacramento County

easy bail bond financing in Sacramento County

Even if a defendant doesn’t have enough cash on hand to cover their bail premium, there are many easy options for bail bond financing available. These payments are very simple, and they typically allow the defendant to use their net worth or credit score to get out of jail quickly.


bail bond financing with collateral

Perhaps the most obvious financing option is collateral. These physical items have a market value equivalent to the bond premium. If the defendant eventually pays the bond premium in cash, they will get this collateral back.

Examples of collateral include:

  • Jewelry
  • Precious metals
  • Vehicles
  • Boats
  • High-value electronics
  • Securities

Collateral can be pretty much anything that has a clear resale value. Most families have high-value items that can serve as collateral, as this might be the easiest financing option for many defendants on short notice.


bail bond financing using credit card

The simplest option is to use a credit card. Bail bondsmen accept virtually every type of credit card under the sun, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and many others. This basic strategy allows defendants to get released – even if they don’t have enough to pay bond premiums in their bank accounts.

Auto Title Loans

bail bond financing through auto title loans

Another straightforward option is an auto title loan. Various companies help facilitate these loans, and it is possible to get funding quickly and easily. Many auto title loan companies operate online, allowing defendants and their families to organize loans with a few clicks.

Advanced Options for Bail Financing

reliable bail bond financing near you

Advanced options may be necessary if there are more challenging strategies. These advanced choices are often more appropriate for higher bail amounts.

Pledged Stocks and Bonds

reliable bail bond financing by pledging

Many Sacramento residents have investments in stocks and bonds. These investments might be highly illiquid, and it could be difficult to obtain their cash value within a short period of time. Fortunately, it is possible to access their cash value relatively quickly through a process known as “pledging.”

Whole Life Insurance

bail bond financing through life insurance

It is also possible to access the cash value of a life insurance plan. This is one of the most overlooked sources of funding for those who need bail bond financing. A life insurance company may offer various options, including withdrawals, loans, and lines of credit.


bail bond financing through lien

Another choice might be to put a lien on a home (or any property). With a lien in place, the bail bondsman can take their fee from the home’s selling value. Pay off the bond premium, and the bondsman will remove the lien.

Payment Plans

bail bond financing payment plans

If all else fails, many bail bondsmen also offer payment plans. These plans allow defendants to pay off their bond premiums in gradual installments rather than all at once. Speak to a bail bondsman to learn more about the various payment plans that might be available.

Discuss More Options with a Bail Bondsman in Sacramento

call bail bondsman in Sacramento

While plenty of financing options exist for those needing bail bond financial assistance, each case is unique. Some options might be more appropriate for others, and it makes sense to speak directly with a bail bondsman for targeted guidance. Reach out to Eight Ball Bail Bonds today to discuss financing options in more detail.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

We work tirelessly to get defendants out of jail – regardless of their financial situations. Financing options are easy to arrange, so get in touch today to confidently pursue freedom.

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